This fall, go back to school in style and with the latest fashions of this year’s season on your back. From shirts to skirts, get all the information about the latest styles.

This fall, rich, regal colors are in, as well as flowing styles coupled with slick and thin pants and or leggings and tights. Tunic tops are one of the most popular styles of shirts this season, as they are long, made of thin and very soft material and have a generous swoop neck. Usually these shirts feel oversized and have an almost loose and flowing nature to them. They are not meant to fit tightly and they are usually long enough to reach just about five inches above the knees. Also, tunic tops usually are beaded or designed in a unique way, maybe with colorful beads, sequins, and or other designs that make it especially beautiful and elegant. You can choose from pastel colors of pinks and yellows or the more popular royal blue, black, white, and crème. All of these usually have designs that are beaded on the fringes of the swoop neck, and some have no designs at all and are just plain and soft and a solid color.

With these, leggings or very skinny jeans are an essential companion. Usually black leggings are a good investment as they will match with any tunic that you get. White leggings and grey are also two other neutral shades you can keep on hand to match with other things as you please. Some leggings have sequins and designs, as well, and these ones can match well if you get a plain non designed tunic top. Then, leggings with sparkles or designs can have a chance to pop when placed beside a very plain top.

Another popular top are the tunic tank tops. These are oversized tank tops with seep necks that stretch down a lot lower than usual. These are also made with leggings and skinny jeans in mind and they come in almost every color imaginable. Along with the tank top, you can wear a small shoulder shrug, coming in blazing black or red or blue. Some of these shrugs have broaches or designs, as well. Other kinds of shrugs have a more vintage look and feel as they are made of soft crème cotton and have lace all over work. These shrugs are usually transparent and require the use of a tank top beneath them.

Couple these outfits with stunning hair pieces such as headbands that have jewels or flowers attached to them. Also, try wearing some matching pieces of jewelry, like vintage necklaces or earrings that hang on long strings so that they match the flowing and oversized nature of the tunic tops and tanks. Costume jewelry matches these flowing outfits as oversized rings that are wild in color and shape make a great statement in addition to these. Also, you can wear almost any kind of shoe or sandal, making these great pieces. Try wearing strapped toga sandals that will match nice with the tunic feel of the outfit. Or, try wearing some flip flops with sequins on the surface material. Finally, you can even wear boots if that makes you feel comfortable and that will work well with the leggings and the tunic top.