When choosing Cubic Zirconia jewelry instead of diamond jewelry, the function of the item should be the main concern. Fine quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry offers you flexibility and affordability for all your fine jewelry needs. 

The popularity of Cubic Zirconia jewelry has grown tremendously over the years for a variety of reasons and there seems to be no end in sight for its acceptance and use in the jewelry market.  Many educated consumers have realized how the quality and value of this type of specialty jewelry makes perfect sense, especially in today’s economy.  Cubic Zirconia jewelry, also known as cz jewelry, is the perfect alternative to natural mined diamond jewelry because of its fantastic quality, value and function. It not only provides the consumer with the look, feel and confidence of diamond jewelry, but it most cases it saves the consumer a tremendous amount of money.

Cubic Zirconia, cz for short, is a laboratory created material that is man made and not naturally found in nature.  Specialty jewelry companies manufacture high quality lab created Cubic Zirconia gems that are comparable to the finest quality of diamonds available in nature. You would be amazed at these pieces; even a professional would need equipment to decipher the genuine diamond form the man made versions.   There are also many conventional grades of Cubic Zirconia carried by other retailers that are not as good a quality as the original forms of the high quality Russian diamond alternatives.  The Russian formula of Cubic Zirconia is the highest quality and is hand cut and hand polished to exact diamond specifications. The materials used are more expensive and the extra care and labor needed to cut and polish the stones result in a more expensive product, but it is well worth the difference when you see the end result of the fantastic luster and brilliance of the finished gems.


The Russian form of Cubic Zirconia is a more expensive and more tedious formula to create when compared to conventional commercial grades of stones but still considerably less expensive than naturally mined diamonds of the same quality. Commercial and conventional grades of cubic zirconia have are watered down, mass produced versions of the original Russian formula of cubic zirconia.  In addition, high quality cz jewelry is set in the same detailed mountings and settings used to set diamonds, 14k gold, 18k gold and platinum mountings.  The brilliance of the finer grades of cz are flawless with amazing clarity, making them the most desirable alternative to diamond jewelry. When they are graded like a diamond, its color and clarity is a perfect white as well as impeccable clarity.

When choosing Cubic Zirconia jewelry instead of diamond jewelryArticle Submission, the function of the item should be the main concern.  You want your diamond stimulant piece of jewelry to last a lifetime and to provide the same level of function as if it were a more expensive high quality diamond version. Fine quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry offers you flexibility and affordability for all your fine jewelry needs. You should be able to clean it and wear it just like your fine diamond jewelry for many years of enjoyment.