A close-up of a part of a music mixer with dials and blurry lights at the backPrior to the delineation of the single line, the detachment held a hearing widely to the public’s views and recommendations. “Huang Yusheng, urban Po North Second Street, North Fourth Street, designat…

Prior to the delineation of the single line, the detachment held a hearing widely to the public’s views and recommendations. “Huang Yusheng, urban Po North Second Street, North Fourth Street, designated as a single line. North Third Street, residents believe that the implementation of a single line of the adjacent streets is bound to add to the North Third Street, traffic pressure, coupled with North Third Street, a primary school, school, school time is likely to lead to congestion. After field visits to research, Detachment adopted the recommendations of the public school, after school time period, North Third Street, set a single line.

Huang Yusheng said that one by a special rectification actions to effectively regulate the benefits of city traffic order, but the smooth flow of traffic is largely dependent on the improvement of the ethical quality of the public, and only continue to improve the concept of traffic laws and regulations of the traffic participants and the civilized sense of responsibility, the vitality of smooth goose City can only be lasting. Called for the public and improve the traffic legal awareness, awareness of road safety, traffic civilized consciousness, as long as the common concerned about security, concerns life, and consciously safeguard the image of the city, our city traffic order must be radically changed.

On the morning of May 14, 2012 Zhenjiang Taiwan Automotive Electronics Industry Cooperation Forum held in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Science and Technology Park next Grand Hotel. Experts and scholars from Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of the Automotive Electronics Industry Alliance, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute of Industrial Economics Research Institute, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic car dvd and car dvd player for carAssociation, China Automotive Research Institute, Jiangsu University, College of Automotive Engineering units, as well as 20 well-known car manufacturers and 10 Zhenjiang New Area automotive electronics business executives a total of more than 60 people attended.

At the forum, signed an the Zhenjiang Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association trade and economic cooperation framework agreement, both sides will strengthen ties and cooperation in personnel, projects. Qin Jingan, Executive Vice Mayor of Zhenjiang Municipal Government attended the speech at the forum.

Qin Jingan said that the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association member companies products cover many fields, is the strongest, the largest scientific and technological content of the highest in the 141 industry associations, industry associations, more than 4,000 member companies, 95 percent investment in the mainland. He pointed out that the recent years, the the Zhenjiang automotive electronics industry has developed into the region one of the pillar industries, the co-operation with the Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association, is bound to Zhenjiang to seize the commanding heights of the automotive electronics industry, the future development of a positive and far-reaching impact. I hope through this forum, the two sides to enhance cooperation, expand spaceFind Article, raising the level to achieve greater as total lean.